About Us

About Us

Welcome to The Neurology Group
At The Neurology Group patients receive compassionate, quality care from experienced and highly qualified neurological staff offering an individualized approach to evaluation, treatment and rehabilitation from neurological injury and diseases.

Many neurological procedures can be performed in our offices.

We are accepting new patients from Infants to Seniors.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long will my first appointment take?

It depends on the complexity of your neurological problem

A patient with a straightforward problem such as carpal tunnel syndrome may not require as long an appointment as someone with the new diagnosis of multiple sclerosis. Some patients have extensive old records to be reviewed and some patients may be seeing a physician for the very first time.

What is involved in the first evaluation?

Neurologist will make assesment

In the first evaluation, the neurologist will make an assessment of the nature of the problem at hand. Some neurological consultations are for questions of diagnosis, that is, what is wrong with the patient. In that case the consultation may be followed by recommendations for imaging procedures and diagnostic lab tests with a follow up visit to review all of the data. Sometimes the diagnosis is already known and the consultation is for decisions about treatment. In that case, tests might not be ordered but tests might be reviewed and the discussions about treatment options will then take place. In other words, the function of the first evaluation will determine what is involved and what is done.t.

Why do some patients go before me when I arrived first ?

There are usually two physicians seeing patients at any given time.

Their schedules vary depending on the patients they are seeing. New patients and returning patients are scheduled for different amounts of time. Sometimes there are in-office emergencies which cause unpredictable delays in your provider’s schedule. Please bear with us. If it appears that you are waiting an inordinate amount of time, do not hesitate to ask one of the staff to check on the status of your appointment.

What should I bring to my first appointment?

List of all your medications

Please bring with you a list of all of your medications and their dosages. It is also very helpful for you to make a list of your medications allergies. Let us know to whom you wish records of your consultation to be sent (your primary physician, your gynecologist, your surgeon, your psychiatrist, etc). Please be sure pertinent copies of your medical records have been forwarded to us or brought to us the day of your appointment. It is a waste of your time if our nurse and physician spend a lot of your time on the phone tracking down records and searching for X-ray reports. If you have X-rays or MRI scans that are important for the issues your neurologist to review, please be sure you either bring them yourself or have them forwarded to us in ample time for your appointment.

Which hospitals are the Physicians affiliated with?

Our Doctors have privileges at the following Hospitals

  • Pomona Valley Hospital Medical Center
  • San Antonio Community Hospital
  • Casa Colina Hospital

What if I need to speak to my neurologist after office hours ?

We have a neurologist on call every weekday after hours.

There is a neurologist on call for every weekday in the evening. If you have an emergency that cannot wait until routine business hours, call the main office number, 909-982-2719 and the answering service will page the physician on duty to return your call. On the weekends, there is one of our three neurologists on-call that take care of hospital responsibilities and who take emergency phone calls.

Why must I sign so many forms ?

Federal Regulations 

New federal regulations known collectively as HIPAA are in force to protect the privacy of patients. While some of the regulations may seem burdensome to the physicians and the patients, but they are ultimately designed to protect you from the improper use of your medical history. Bear with us. These regulations must be adhered to since they are backed up by stiff penalties for failure to follow them.

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